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Scheduling channels

Currently there are two different ways to schedule a call in auvious.


This option is only available in Genesys Cloud.

It uses the Genesys callback channel to create a callback interaction. Once the time comes, the callback interaction is presented to the agent. The callback interaction carries the room that the customer will join at that specific time.

The customer can join without the agent being present in the room. The customer does not have to join a queue, they just follow the link and land directly to the call (if it's time) or to a waiting screen if not.


  • Scheduling is handled by Genesys Cloud.
  • Room link is available as soon as the callback is created.
  • Notification channels use Genesys Email and Genesys SMS queues.
  • Auvious widget support. A customer can request a callback using the widget.


  • Customer joins a room without the agent being present (if the agent is held back on another call).
  • Cannot use your own notification channel.
  • The agent cannot know if the customer has followed the link at the scheduled date and time. He has to wait for the customer to join. A callback interaction is only there to block time for the agent.


This option is currently available in Genesys Cloud and as an API but soon will be available in other integrations as well.

This scheduling channel is integration agnostic when it comes to schedules. All scheduling is done inside auvious and all the timetables are available for the supervisors and agents to see inside auvious. For a customer to get on queue we use a webChat channel for Genesys Cloud. Once the agent answers the webChat interaction the customer joins the call automatically.


  • Integration agnostic.
  • Support for Genesys Agentless SMS & Agentless email (beta).
  • Room link is available as soon as the appointment is created, if auto-activate flag is enabled.
  • The customer goes on queue at the exact time of the appointment. This way the agent knows that the appointment has been fulfilled and the customer is waiting.
  • Auvious widget support. A customer can create an appointment using the widget.
  • More flexibility in rescheduling ,editing, and reassigning the calls.
  • Sending reminders, sending and customizing notifications either via SMS or email.


  • Interaction appears in genesys as a normal webChat/Web Messaging interaction.
  • If you are using Web messaging, the customer joins a room without the agent being present (if the agent is held back on another call).