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Auvious offers a dashboard dedicated explicitly to reports and data visualisation. These reports however are also available via API so that you can create powerful metrics on your own system.



You can read more on reporting on our Reporting API section.


Say we want the number of video calls per day created in January of 2023. The URL would be like this :

GET api/reporting/metrics/daily/video_calls_created?month=1&year=2023


OAuth 2.0 Authorization. Authenticate using client credentials that can be created at the settings page.


Video call

A video call is a webRTC room where video and/or audio data are transmitted between one or more participants.


An interaction is a communication between a customer and an agent that may or may not have a video call, a co-browse or any other type.


A rating is a review (1 to 5 stars) and a accompanying text if the review is less than 5 stars, that either the customer or the agent provides at the end of a call when requested to review the quality of the video/audio.

Concurrent call

A concurrent call is two or more video calls that are happening at the same time by different agents.


A conference is a webRTC room that may or may not have audio/video streams.


A call is an exchange of audio/video streams between two or more participants inside a conference.

Report types

The available report types that can be queried are:

Video calls createdNumber of video calls created, regardless if any participant joinedvideo_calls_created
Video calls performedNUmber of video calls that at least one participant joinedvideo_calls_performed
Video calls with small durationNumber of video calls with duration less than X secondsvideo_calls_with_small_duration
Video calls with normal durationNumber of video calls with duration between X and Y secondsvideo_calls_with_normal_duration
Video calls with long durationNumber of video calls with duration more than Y secondsvideo_calls_with_long_duration
Interactions createdNumber of interactions createdinteractions_created
Ratings submittedNumber of ratings submittedratings_submitted
Rating average scoreAverage score of ratings submittedrating_score_average
Max concurrent callsMaximum number of calls happening at the same timeconcurrent_calls_max
Average concurrent callsAverage number of calls happening at the same timeconcurrent_calls_avg
Average duration of conferenceAverage duration of a conferenceconference_average_duration
Average duration of callAverage duration of a callcall_average_duration

Duration types


Query params

Query params are used to limit the metrics received between a certain range.

TypeValueCan be used in duration typeAvailable values
Daydayhourly1 - 31
Monthmonthhourly, daily,1 - 12
Yearyearhourly, daily, weekly, monthly,1970 - current year
Start of yearstartYearyearly1970 - current year
End of yearendYearyearly1970 - current year