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Several functions in Auvious require a storage to be setup:

  • Recorder: A dedicated, secure service that records audio and video in real-time. All recorder data is stored on the customer's preferred Cloud Storage and not on our servers. We also provide the option of an SFTP storage provider.
  • File Transfer: Exchange of files between users.
  • Snapshots: Allows an agent to capture photos using the customer's device cameras.

Storage providers

Currently, we support three Cloud Storage providers, and an additional SFTP storage option.

For help on configuring your preferred storage provider, please refer to the relevant link below:

If you use ip whitelisting, then according to the region you use (default is europe) you should white list all the Google Cloud ip ranges belonging to the corresponding scope from the table below:

RegionGoogle Cloud IP Range Scope to Whitelist
Europe ( or
US (
Australia (