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Genesys Cloud Authentication Integration

This is the integration used when the application is accessed inside Genesys Cloud environment as an AppFoundry application. The following diagram shows how this integration works under the hood:

Diagram generated via mermaid

So it's basically OAuth2.0 Authorization Code flow between the application and Genesys backend, and code is submitted for server side validation to Auvious using OAuth2.0 Password flow, but instead of password the code is provided and the auvious backend knows this and validates the code securely by talking to Genesys backend as a trusted application using client credentials.

Role Management

Roles are automatically assigned based on Genesys permissions.

  • Agent :no need for special permissions, so anyone with *integration:auviousApps:view will be able to act as Agent and answer/create video calls using Auvious
  • Supervisor: Anyone with ui:supervisorAgentDetails:view
  • Admin: Anyone with both integrations:integration:add and integrations:integration:edit