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Chat to video escalation

Auvious widget can work as a normal chat widget using internally the same chat mechanics each integration offers.

In a Genesys Cloud intergration for example, a normal chat interaction will reach the call center and the Genesys Chat API or the Genesys Widget Service will be used, depending on the widget configuration.

Start a session

🧮 Starting a new chat session is as simple as one-two-three.

Simply click on the auvious widget bubble, write your name and click the big chat button.


Depending on the widget configuration, you can ask the user for more data before starting an interaction, such as users's email and subject of request. Just change the registration-type to nameEmailSubject. Or you can prefill the user's name by providing a value to customer-display-name and skip this step altogether.

Once you click to connect, you get in queue for the next available agent. Once an agent is connected, a chat panel appears where you can start chatting with the agent.


Video escalation

At any time, an agent can open the auvious application in his platform and escalate chat to a video call session.

Once the agent joins the room, the widget shows the room and puts the chat on the background. At any time the customer can click on the chat panel to move it in focus. The chat panel is automatically put in focus if a new message arrives.