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Co-browse is a powerful tool for agents to assist users with any issues they may have on the website remotely.


Co-browse is available only to the website the auvious widget is setup. An agent cannot see anything else outside the webpage. Screen sharing provides this functionality. Refer to our FAQ to understand the differences.

Starting a session

There are three ways to start a co-browse session via the auvious widget.

  1. Request a PIN from the agent.
  2. While on a chat coversation, the agent can request access to co-browse.
  3. While on a video conversation, the agent can request access.

Using a PIN

This flow applies to scenarios where the agent is on a voice call with the customer or they are somehow communicating not through our widget.

The customer clicks the co-browse button and a form that requests the PIN pops-up. The customer then will have to enter the PIN in the form in order to join the session.


During a chat conversation

The customer does not have to take any action to start a co-browse session. The agent clicks on the co-browse button in the auvious application and a pin appears along with a button that says "Send invitation".


This feature is only available in Genesys Cloud

All the agent has to do is click on the “Send Invitation” button and a co-browse session automatically initiates over the chat conversation.


The customer is then requested to grant access to the agent to view his browser page.


Once access is granted, a blue halo and the agent's pointer appears on the page to signify that the page is shared.

During a video conversation

This flow is similart to the chat conversation flow. The agent requests access and when it's granted, the page is shared.


Only an agent can stop a co-browse session and start a new one.