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Genesys Cloud

The following steps describe the required actions that must be performed before installing the auvious virtual counselor integration.


Please ensure that all Pre-setup actions have been applied before commencing with the installation.


Roles & Permissions

The roles a user has in Genesysn Cloud are inherired to the Auvious application as well. These roles are agent, supervisor and admin.


  1. A role assigned with integrations:integration:add permission.

    This can be found under “Admin / People & Permissions | Roles / Permissions“, and is required to perform installation of the auvious virtual counselor integration.

  2. One or more queues configured and assigned with all members (agents), that will be handling WebChat interactions.

    This can be found under “Admin / Contact Center | Queues

  3. A valid email configuration - to be used when sending a video call link via email or when scheduling a video call.

    This can found under “Admin / Contact Center | Email

    The newly configured email configuration needs to be assigned to a queue. This qeueu may be the same as the WebChat queue above, or a separate, independent queue.

  4. A role assigned with conversation:callback:create permission.

    This can be found under “Admin / People & Permissions | Roles / Permissions“, and is required in order to use the “scheduled video call” functionality.

  5. A phone configuration - necessary for agents who will be using the “scheduled video call” functionality in order to receive a callback interaction.

    Navigate to “Admin / Telephony | Phone Management | Phones“ and if necessary create a new one.

  6. A role assigned with conversation:email:accept, conversation:email:create, and conversation:email:forward permissions.

    This can be found under “Admin / People & Permissions | Roles / Permissions

  7. In case you want to enable our integration with Mobile Office, the agent should have a role assigned with integrations:integration:view permission.

    This can be found under “Admin / People & Permissions | Roles / Permissions


The auvious platform supports sending a room link or a scheduled call link via SMS. The required steps are:

  1. Purchase an SMS long code number.

    You can follow the instructions in the link below or contact genesys support on how to purchase one.

  2. Add an outbound SMS number to a queue.

    Navigate to “Admin / Contact Centerm| Queues“ and select the queue you would like to assign an sms number too. Next, in the “Message” tab of the selected queue under “Outbound SMS number”, select the purchased number from the dropdown list.

  3. Assign your agents to that queue.

    An agent must be a member of that queue in order to use it to send messages.

  4. Ensure permission conversation:message:create has been assigned.

    The agent of that queue must have this permission in order to be allowed to create a new message.

Once everything has been set up successfully, an sms will be able to be sent as follows:

  1. Scheduled video call

    During the last step of scheduling, you will be given the option to notify the customer either via SMS or via email (if you have configured email queues). By selecting to notify via SMS a message will automatically be sent to the mobile number that was set during the Schedule video call configuration, containing the date and time of the video call as well as a link to join.

  2. From the share link options the agent will now be able to send a link via sms. With this option an SMS will automatically be sent to the prefilled mobile number containing just the room link.

Auvious Widget

Please refer to the section Widget configuration for setup instructions.

Post Setup

  1. To access the auvious application the permission integration:auviousApps:view is required.

    Please ensure that all groups or users that will be accessing the application belong to a group, or a role, that has been assigned this permission.

  2. To setup and modify our application the permissions integrations:integration:add & integrations:integration:edit are required.

    Groups or users assigned with this permission will have complete access to the settings page and will be able to view or modify the existing configuration updating the auvious application.

  3. Permission to view, export and playback existing recordings requires the permission ui:supervisorAgentDetails:view.

    Additionally access will also be granted to groups or users assigned to the “PureCloud Supervisor” role.