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Appointments Configuration

In order to enable appointments navigate to the settings page and open the Scheduled video calls section.

Callbacks and appointments

Up to now, scheduling a video call in auvious was done via the callback API of Genesys cloud. A callback interaction was created in Genesys Cloud and the agent would have to answer that callback to join the room.

Now we can enable 'Appointments' in the scheduling channel section, which uses a different approach. Scheduling is handled in auvious instead of Genesys and the agents and supervisors can manage all appointments inside auvious. Once the customer opens the appointment link, a webChat interaction is created in Genesys Cloud and the agent will have to answer that interaction to join the room.


Genesys Cloud configuration

Appointments in Genesys cloud required a widget deployment id. This deployment id is used by auvious to get the customer in queue. This is a special deployment id since we need to create a specific flow in architect to route the customer to the agent that has created the appointment. Appointments are not routed in a queue, they are routed to an agent.

Instructions on how to create a flow and a widget deployment id can be found here.

Once we have the widget deployment ID we can set it in settings.

Appointment notifications in Genesys Cloud use the SMS agentless API. In order to use this API we need an OAuth Client ID and Client Secret. Create a pair in Admin / Integrations / OAuath and paste it here.

The second and equally important step in appointment notifications is having an SMS number. These numbers can be requested directly inside Genesys Cloud. Just go to Admin / Message / SMS Number Inventory and get an SMS number.



Once an appointment is created there is a series of reminders that are sent to the user.

Currently the supported channels for communication with the client are:

  • SMS (Genesys Agentless)

The admin can change the message that is sent each time to the customer. Just visit the appointment notifications tab and start changing the text in the various fields.

Notifications are sent in the following events

  • When an appointment is created. A notification is instantly sent to the customer
  • When an appointment is rescheduled. On reschedule, a notification is sent instantly. If an appointment is updated, a confirmation box appears to either send a notification or not.
  • When an appointment is cancelled. A message is sent instantly.
  • Just before the call. This is an important notification since it carries the URL that the customer will use to join the call. It is sent 5 minutes before the call but you can change the time and period.
  • Periodic reminders. You can create one or more reminders to be sent to the user at any time you want. The default periods are 1 and 2 days before the call but you can add more and choose between days, minutes, hours.

Appointments Appointments Appointments

Waiting screen options

This setting affects the screen that will be presented when a customer attempts to join a call prior to the scheduled start time.