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AR annotations

The AR pointer (#5) is a hybrid, augmented reality tool that helps the agent highlight points on the customer's video. The ability to visually guide becomes even more apparent when a customer requires technical assistance from a mobile device. All the participants of the call are able to annotate, once an agent has activated this feature.

AR pointer

Using the AR pointer the agent can provide step-by-step guidance and instructions directly on the customer's video stream. When AR pointer is activated for a given video stream, that stream is enlarged to occupy the entire screen, ensuring maximum visibility and focus for an enhanced user experience with limited distractions.

AR #5 AR pointer

Auto-incrementing identifiers are overlaid onto an existing video stream for precise, clearly visible, guidance every step of the way. Faster problem resolution leads to improved customer satisfaction.


Pointer expiration and removal occurs automatically after 5 seconds. This helps keep the video area free from clutter, allowing the agent to focus on the customer's needs.

AR annotations

AR annotations

A new set of tools has been introduced that will further help the agent guide the customer. These tools include:

  • Freeze frame. Take a frame of the video and annotate on that. The actual video is unaffected and continues to play sound at the background. Can be toggled on / off.
  • Pointer. The AR pointer described above. Starts as the default tool.
  • Marker. Draw lines on top of a video tile.
  • Arrow. Draw straight arrow lines.
  • Eraser. Remove lines and arrows.
  • Clear. Delete all annotations.

Freeze frame

❄️ Freeze what you are viewing while you are annotating. Especially helpful if there is a shaky video or you need to annotate on specific points of the video.

The video that the snapshot is taken from is unaffected. You will still be able to hear. Click the snapshot button again to unfreeze the frame.


Add a self-cancelling pin(pointer) on top of the video. Pointer expiration and removal occurs automatically after 5 seconds.


Freehand drawing on top of the video. A subtle line smoothing is performed on the line drawn.


Straight arrow loines. Usefull to show direction or point to a specific part of the video.


Removes the annotation the eraser line passes over.


Deletes all annotations except Pointers.