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In this section you will be able to change how the tickets that a customer uses to join a call are created and managed by our security module.

A ticket is a 6-or-9 random character id that is used to give access to an unauthenticated user to an auvious call. A shareable link that is created by an agent carries the ticket in the URL like this<ticket>.

By default, an invitation link that is generated by the agent carries a ticket that is reusable. This means that this ticket can be used more than one times by one or more users to join a room within a 4-hour period. Once 4 hours pass from the time the ticket was created, it is expired and no-one can re-join the room.

There are options to change this and make a ticket be used only once. This means once a user follows a link and joins a room, the ticket is automatically expired. The same user can re-join the call if he/she refreshes the browser page but a new user or the same user in a new browser cannot reuse the same url.

This option applies to tickets that are created by the agent and by tickets that are created by auvious in appointments.

You also have the ability to change the default 6-character ticket to a 9-character.


Co-browse tickets are always a 6-character tickets.