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Storage configuration

Storage provider


Each storage provider has different configuration options. Select your preferred storage provider and follow the instructions.

For help with storage provider configuration, please visit the storage providers section.

Once you fill in the required fields, review and test your provider configuration by clicking on Test.

If the tests succeeds you have configured your storage provider correctly and may proceed accordingly.

If the test fails, recording and all storage dependant services of this application (file transfer, custom backgrounds, snapshots) will be disabled.

Recording options


Once you have completed the storage provider step, you may modify your recording options.

By default, recording of audio & video will start automatically when the agent enters the room.

Select the "Manual" option to disable automatic recording, and select the "Audio only" option if your organization does not require video recording.

Recording file size
  • 1 minute of audio and video recording with two participants, requires about 4,2 MB
  • 1 minute of audio recording with two participants, requires about 0,90 MB

Enable or disable co-browse recording. Some notes:

  • The call must already be being recorded for a co-browse session to get recorded. This means if you start a co-browse session without having started a recording, it will not get recorded, even if you start recording at a later time while on an existing co-browse session.
  • On a co-browse session initiated by a PIN, recording starts automatically, if enabled here.

File transfer


Select whether you want to enable file transferring.

This option can be enabled separately for Agents and Customers, and supports all file types with a maximum filesize of 100MB.


Storage provider configuration is required for this feature to be enabled.

Background Effects


Upload custom backgrounds for specific themes, or to match your companies branding. These backgrounds appear only to agents.

If you have uploaded one or more background effects, you get the option to show only these background effects to agents. By disabling "show for agents", all other backgrounds will be hidden from the agents and they can only choose the uploaded ones.

Only.jpg and .png files are currently supported.


Storage provider configuration is required for this feature to be enabled.