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auvious 2.10

· 4 min read
Michael Korkaris

The new release for Genesys Cloud, Engage & Talkdesk is up :)


Release notes


  • Feature / HD video toggle in settings. Disable 1280x720@30fps ideal constraint


  • Bug fix / co-browse reconnect issue
  • Support new co-browse version


  • Bug fix / Check if publicParameters exist in dto before accessing properties
  • Bug fix / Only end appointment if role is agent


  • Bug fix / App would not load if localStorage/sessionStorage was disabled
  • Bug fix / Fixed typo in query param 'userId' used when filtering interactions
  • Bug fix / Try not syncing rtc stream with input. Caused black stream on call transfer


  • Feature / Option in settings to disable button in co-browse that requests control


  • Feature / Get message history for web messaging interactions and look for ACK message


  • Bug fix / co-browse player could not play some recordings


  • Bug fix / Confirmation popup in metrics did not close
  • Bug fix / An agent withous admin rights could not use Speech Recognition
  • Bug fix / If the agent ended up in a room-not-found error page they could not join a new call


  • Bug fix / Added paging in appointments
  • Bug fix / Fixed Kite tests for customer
  • Bug fix / Changed av-switch to use inner checkbox, for better testing


  • Bug fix / Pop out call did not clear room in interaction resulting in room not found if agent tried to rejoin
  • Bug fux / Clear interval that checks if a pop out window exists when leaving the welcome page
  • Bug fix / ASR Translation provider languages did not refresh if you removed and created a new asr configuration


  • Reload background images if a new image has been uploaded in settings
  • Polyfill for 'from-entries'


  • Bug fix / Disable 'start co-browse' if session already started by another agent
  • Bug fix / Agent avatar (shown when muted) appeared the same on all agents
  • Bug fix / Tooltips in storage setup were clipped
  • Bug fix / Co-browse endpoint capabilities checks if display-capture is available in customer
  • Bug fix / If the agent could not retrieve web-chat messages, the ACK notification to end the call appeared


  • Feature / Arabic and French translations
  • Bug fix / Screen sharing in audio calls had a disabled video track


  • Feature / Redesigned settings page
  • Feature / Support Agentless email notifications (Genesys) for appointments
  • Feature / Bandwidth Adaptation support
  • Feature / Show default snapshot types
  • Feature / Added 'ticket-length' option in appointments
  • Feature / Support authentication without storing anything in browser
  • Bug fix / Co-browse mouse pointer was not moving in Genesys Desktop
  • Bug fix / Chat-to-cobrowse, interaction remained ongoing in metrics
  • Bug fix / Audio fallback if camera device is missing was not working
  • Bug fix / Do not let a customer join a call if the appointment has ended
  • Bug fix / Added extra checks while scheduling appointment notifications
  • Bug fix / Do not end the call when agent leaves a scheduled call and the customer has not yet joined
  • Bug fix / SMS is not received by customer if an appointment is not created by an admin
  • Bug fix / Configuration file for speech recognition is required
  • Bug fix / Do not close snapshot review screen when a new interaction comes
  • Bug fix / If video call button is disabled, auto-start should not start a call