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auvious 2.14 (current)

· 4 min read
Michael Korkaris

The new release for Genesys Cloud, Engage & Talkdesk is up :)


Release notes


  • Bug fix / Timezone calculation failed if the date or time is invalid, when scheduling an appointment


  • Feature / Now appointments are per application, not per organization
  • Bug fix / Fixed redirect loop on authentication failure


  • Feature / Pass Flow.agentId when calling a Genesys workflow
  • Bug fix / Load sms & email queues failed in some ocasions


  • Feature / Pass Flow.conversationId when calling a Genesys workflow


  • Feature / Show room link in 'reschedule' notifications
  • Bug fix / If customer did not accept terms, notify agent
  • Bug fix / If customer did not accept terms, end the conversation
  • Bug fix / Changed appointment notifcation type from 'update' to 'reschedule'


  • Feature / Appointments can now be automatically activated on creation


  • Feature / Support chatMode in appointment routing


  • Bug fix / Custom translations would not load for non-admin users


  • Bug fix / Genesys pending transfer to agent now clears the active interaction


  • Bumped @auvious versions


  • Bug fix / Do not load users in settings if members are not supported in integration


  • Bug fix / Added default 'chat-mode' for appointments


  • Feature / Support getting an appointment URL the moment you schedule it
  • Feature / Refined translations
  • Bug fix / Get all queues in admin settings, not only my queues


  • Bug fix / Do not ask to end call if agent is rating


  • Bug fix / Appointment customer did not go to 'thank you' page if agent terminated the call


  • Bug fix / Handle Genesys 'transfer to agent' flow


  • Bug fix / Do not capture scroll events when annotating an AR session


  • Bug fix / Catch network error in speech to text service


  • Feature / Pop-up authentication for agents
  • Bug fix / Enable video button for agents if agent moves from a wrap-up conversation to an active one


  • Bug fix / Added missing state in transcript processing
  • Bug fix / Hover state on active menu item
  • Bug fix / Enable translation languages even if local stream is muted


  • Bug fix / Disable some video options if video call is not enabled
  • Bug fix / Call was kept on hold on a genesys transfer flow
  • Bug fix / 'Generate Transcript' button was disabled in a recording
  • Bug fix / Admin cannot delete a recording composition


  • Feature / Ability to export a transcript from a call (Google is the available provider)
  • Feature / Ability to add images instead of videos in waiting room
  • Feature / Ability to add different media (image/video) per queue
  • Feature / Support web messaging in appointments (create a web messaging interaction)
  • Feature / When an SMS interaction is available, the agent should not be able to start a video call
  • Feature / Prefill customer phone number in incoming and outgoing phone interactions
  • Feature / Option to automatically send the room link to customer once the agent joins a room
  • Feature / Support flow execution when sharing call link via sms/email (use 3rd party sms/email providers)
  • Bug fix / Export recording fails if there are no audio/video streams but only screen share streams
  • Bug fix / Some co-browse flows prevented customer from getting a new invitation
  • Bug fix / Appointment was not marked as completed under certaing flows
  • Bug fix / Hide customer's leave button in an audio call if screen share is on
  • Bug fix / After a call transfer, the guest agent could not request for control
  • Bug fix / If agent has poped out a call and that window is closed, a new call could not be established
  • Bug fix / The agent controls overlapped when the window is too small