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auvious 2.11

· 2 min read
Michael Korkaris

The new release for Genesys Cloud, Engage & Talkdesk is up :)

Release notes


  • Bug fix / Don't replace agent name on an audio call. It needs to be the same as the widget side


  • Bug fix / Get organization Id in a new Genesys integration installation


  • Feature / Hide or change the agent's name in a video call


  • Feature / Show Organization ID in settings
  • Bug fix / Keep the exact time the customer accepted the consent form


  • Bug fix / Store snapshot of terms accepted even if accepted in previous session
  • Bug fix / If terms have changed, ask customer to accept even if already accepted
  • Bug fix / Always ask to accept terms in kiosk-mode


  • Bug fix / Do not create separate interactions in analytics for chat & co-browse


  • Bug fix / Do not request co-browse view permission twice in video-to-cobrowse


  • Feature / Added more ids for automated testing


  • Feature / Country-code prefix picker for phone numbers when setting up a callback
  • Feature / Keep a snapshot of the consent form and the date the user accepted
  • Feature / Include 'agent id' and customer url in customer metadata in a callback interaction
  • Feature / Dashboard for carbon metrics
  • Feature / show 'customer id' in interaction metrics
  • Feature / Better handling of Talkdesk licenses
  • Feature / Snapshots are approved before a call transfer
  • Feature / HD Video toggle in settings
  • Feature / Notification that an audio call in the widget is being recorded
  • Feature / Support for screen readers
  • Bug fix / Camera devices not available if only permission for microphone is requested
  • Bug fix / co-browse player not showing actions performed by customer
  • Bug fix / Guest agent can ask to co-browse while main agent is already co-browsing if video is poped out on the customer side
  • Bug fix / Co-browse recording did not start on certain chat-to-cobrowse interactions
  • Bug fix / Snapshots loose labeling when transferred to another agent and back
  • Bug fix / Settings did not check for unsaved changes if user navigated to another page