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auvious 2.12

· 3 min read
Michael Korkaris

The new release for Genesys Cloud, Engage & Talkdesk is up :)

Release notes


  • Bug fix / Co-browse reset permission request if waiting for response and remote participant rejoins


  • Bug fix / Co-browse, if resume fails, start a a new session, don't terminate co-browse


  • Bug fix / check for customer presence in room sometimes failed due to undefined roles (cobrowse participant)


  • Bug fix / Endpoint metadata got replaced on update, instead of appended
  • Bug fix / Co-browse in chat now resumes if agent refreshes the page


  • Bug fix / Do not request to start ar if cobrowse is joining
  • Bug fix / Co-browse infinite loop bug between welcome and cobrowse page fixed
  • Bug fix / Co-browse in conference is now resumed if agent refreshes page


  • Bumped co-browse version


  • Bug fix / Co-browse display-capture request stuck on loading if customer refreshed the page
  • Bug fix / Co-browse sender endpoint got lost in agent side when agent and customer refreshed the page


  • Bug fix / Co-browse agent refresh created a new session
  • Bug fix / Co-browse control request stuck on loading if customer refreshed the page


  • Bug fix / Co-browse fix for shadow root


  • Feature / Web Messaging is now supported in Genesys interaction widget
  • Feature / Bumped @auvious/* versions
  • Bug fix / Don't terminate session on agent page refresh
  • Bug fix / Co-browse standalone on agent page refresh did not recover state
  • Bug fix / Do not auto-start AR pointer if already on co-browse or screen sharing session
  • Bug fix / Do not mark a co-browse session as recorded if the customer has not joined


  • Bug fix / Confirm navigating out of settings/members if changes have not been saved


  • Bug fix / Members were empty on initial setup


  • Bug fix / Load members in talkdesk before opening settings page
  • Bug fix / Hide callback mesage to wait for agent if reviewing call
  • Bug fix / Disable co-browse control if other control is requesting permission


  • Bug fix / Create appointment notifications on channel setup
  • Bug fix / Do not auto-start AR if the customer has turned off the camera


  • Feature / Advanced theming capability based on css variables
  • Feature / Talkdesk user role management
  • Feature / Calendar links in appointment messages (Add appointment to calendar)
  • Feature / Show a message to user in a callback interaction, in case the user joins before the agent
  • Feature / Co-browse specific metrics
  • Bug fix / Momentarily disable hold while device is changing state (mute/unmute)
  • Bug fix / Retry opening a stream when access was granted to device