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auvious 2.13

· 3 min read
Michael Korkaris

The new release for Genesys Cloud, Engage & Talkdesk is up :)


Release notes


  • Bug fix / co-browser hover and cross-origin iframe fix


  • Bug fix / Fixed an issue in settings that caused the recorder configuration to be lost


  • Bug fix / import/export settings in different environments caused some issues
  • Bug fix / Agent's welcome page functionality restored to start a call without an active conversation


  • Feature / Sync Web Messaging configuration with widget
  • Feature / Get Web Messaging transcript in interactions


  • Bug fix / Hide leave button (if enabled in settings) in an audio call when the screen share is open


  • Bug fix / Do not play a sound on co-browse connect and play it only for agents


  • Bug fix / Do not show agent as muted in an audio call on the widget side, if agent shares their screen


  • Feature / Play sound when a participant joins or leaves the call, if enabled in settings
  • Bug fix / Better handling of expired token, if keepalive doesn't catch the disconnect


  • Updated translation files


  • Bug fix / Fixed issue caused in appointment sms/email setup caused by 2.13.4


  • Bug fix / Genesys Cloud calls detection does not rely on participant purpose now, but on call direction (inbound/outbound)


  • Bug fix / Fixed scroll detection in sketch
  • Bug fix / Do not show transcript to callback interactions
  • Bug fix / update appointment.base_url based on customDomainURL
  • Bug fix / Strip app config from any client credentials before download
  • Bug fix / co-browse version bump


  • Bug fix / Color in tags in snapshots should be dark if background is light
  • Bug fix / Digital-connect interaction is shown as onging if agent ends the conversation
  • Bug fix / Strip app config from any specific integration properties before download


  • Bug fix / co-browse version bump


  • Feature / parse genesys phone call events
  • Feature / Connection status based on keepalive. Reconnect if disconnect detected
  • Bug fix / Changed co-browse multi-use ticket to single-use
  • Bug fix / Try to find existing SMS interaction before creating a new one
  • Bug fix / fixed path to co-browse filter image
  • Bug fix / Do not disable settings upload if storage is not configured


  • Feature / Digital connect support for Talkdesk
  • Feature / Export-import settings. Handy on a new setup
  • Feature / Support estimated wait time in queue for Genesys and widget
  • Feature / Support schedule (appointments / callbacks) metadata in interactions view