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auvious 2.2

ยท One min read


Hey! Just an update from our team ;)

auvious newest version includes

  • Snapshot tool for onboarding, claims etc
  • P2P File transfer outside of G chat
  • Video link via SMS
  • Picture in Picture
  • AI Custom backgrounds to hide that laundry

Release notesโ€‹


  • Feature / Snapshot
  • Feature / SMS (callback + share link)
  • Feature / Background images as video effect
  • Feature / Upload background image for effect in settings
  • Feature / File transfer


  • Style changes in snapshots
  • Help text in snapshots
  • Translations


  • Keep device settings if 'skip for today' is selected
  • Show snapshot settings on first setup
  • Update stream metadata on switch cam


  • Bug fix / Torch on-off
  • Removed chat transcript for now


  • Bug fix / Disabled file transfer if storage provider not tested


  • Bug fix / Got video effect error if local had effect on and muted cam and remoted unmuted camera


  • Bug fix / When applying video effect on device setup and muting camera on room, sound was lost