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auvious 2.3

ยท 2 min read
Haris Ninios
Michael Korkaris


๐ŸŒด Summer version is up! ๐ŸŒด

auvious newest version includes

  • Interactions dashboard to view past recordings, metrics & more
  • Augmented Reality pointer now works for multiple users
  • Markup tools for co-browse
  • Option to change on demand your video quality
  • A new knowledge base
  • Names & avatars on top of the video streams

Release notesโ€‹


  • Feature / Interactions view
  • Feature / AR pointer for all participants
  • Feature / Bitrate picker
  • Feature / Client Credentials in Settings
  • Feature / Co-browse markup tools
  • Feature / Agent indicator
  • Feature / Name & avatar of participant


  • Bug fix / Interactions order by date
  • Bug fix / Sketch alignment
  • Bug fix / File transfers of interaction
  • Bug fix / Call transfer better handling
  • Bug fix / Interaction ratings, more room for comments
  • Bug fix / Skip rating for customer if transferred
  • Bug fix / Skip device setup for customer if transferred


  • Kick out agent on call transfer, not on wrap up code


  • Bug fix / Support light backgrounds in theming
  • Feature / Options in settings to skip device setup
  • Feature / Save default devices in device setup


  • Hide 'do not show' in device setup if widget