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auvious 2.8 (current)

· 2 min read
Michael Korkaris


The new release for Genesys Cloud, Engage & Talkdesk is up :)

Release notes


  • Translations


  • Bug fix / Do not join conference if already joined
  • Bug fix / Do not open stream with audio & video as off
  • Bug fix / enable mute/unmute after stream was published
  • Bug fix / Background effect was not restored if call was transferred


  • Feature / Button to reload compositions on demand
  • Bug fix / Transfer call back to us did not enable the video call button
  • Bug fix / Background effects we accidentally applied to screen share stream if the local stream was muted


  • Bug fix / Call was put on unhold after the agent had left.


  • Bug fix / Metrics were always reset even if you added new ones and saved them.
  • Feature / Notify widget participants that call is transferred.


  • Feature / Transfer now keeps the customer on hold instead of closing the interaction


  • Bug fix / Do not ask agent to terminate call if the agent has requested to terminate the call due to ACK never received.


  • Feature / Appointment notifications: Reset to default button
  • Feature / Appointment notifications: 'TimeZoneOffset' keyword


  • Feature / Appointments
  • Feature / Genesys Web Messaging support
  • Feature / Setting: Option to hide stock background effects if custom effects present
  • Feature / Setting: Option to hide 'export composition' from agent
  • Feature / Setting: More settings for camera & microphone. 'Can use' and 'On by default'
  • Feature / Setting: Widget now sends an ACK message when the room is received
  • Feature / Setting: Ticket can be configured to be 6 or 9 characters and single/multi use
  • Feature / Restrict export if recording has more than 9 participants
  • Feature /New metrics: video calls performed / video calls abandonded / video calls with small-normal-long duration
  • Feature / Setting: custom domain URL
  • Bug fix / When in audio call, hide 'send file' from agent
  • Bug fix / Hide public key in SFTP settings if user provides private key
  • Bug fix / Co-browse sketch controls not appearing