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auvious 2.9

· 4 min read
Michael Korkaris

The new release for Genesys Cloud, Engage & Talkdesk is up :)


Release notes


  • Bug fix / Co-browse didn't terminate in some occasions


  • Bug fix / Don't show screen-share button in widget if it's disabled in settings


  • Bug fix / Fixed an issue with not being able to set a background in Firefox


  • Bug fix / co-browse player agent pointer not moving
  • Updated media-tools


  • End co-browse in chat-to-cobrowse interaction if conversation is ended


  • Bug fix / co-browse undefined player sentry issue for BI
  • Bug fix / co-browse cursor not moving in chrome version < 103 and Genesys desktop app
  • Bug fix / co-browse should lag less when page is too active like in video calls /+ background effect
  • Bug fix / co-browse Safari better handling of select input events
  • Bug fix / Fixed an issue on setting up a storage provider on the first setup page in genesys. Could not proceed to next screen
  • Bug fix / Fixed missing or wrong keys in translations
  • Bug fix / Fixed an issue in Sentry where recorder info was requested for undefined ids
  • Feature / background-effects: Updated lib, render effect less intensively (fix not resting between frames)
  • Feature / Added support and translations for Italian


  • Bug fix / Talkdesk authProvider added
  • Bug fix / Do not show empty notifications


  • Feature / Recorder option to automatically start and lock (do not enable agent to stop)
  • Bug fix / Catch error if mute fails
  • Bug fix / FacingMode on switch cam was not updated
  • Bug fix / Screen share on full screen sometimes cropped the video
  • Bug fix / Update facingMode for a newly published stream
  • Bug fix / Closing camera when a background effect was on caused the remote participant to see an empty bkg effect stream.


  • Bug fix / Do not review snapshots if call is transferred
  • Bug fix / Do not join conference on a failed created conference (caused exception of null context.conference)


  • Feature / Show co-browse customer name in interaction summary
  • Feature / Capture click-outside and close menus
  • Bug fix / Co-browse player failed to play co-browse recording after several sucesful attempts
  • Bug fix / minor fixes caught by Sentry


  • Bug fix / Frozen frame on spotlight mode was not visible


  • Bug fix / Reconnect to Genesys websocket if connection is closed


  • Bug fix / Do not unsubscribe from rtc on co-browse reset


  • Bug fix / show co-browse recording start time instead of upload time


  • Bug fix / not found image during background blur
  • Bug fix / try to connect again to RTC on connection error
  • Bug fix / Disable AR + snapshot if pening co-browse approval
  • Bug fix / improve image loading in background effects
  • Bug fix / camera error was not taken into account in device setup


  • Bug fix / AR pointer on page refresh could not reconnect sketch or stop existing ar-pointer
  • Bug fix / Do not show streams if local stream error
  • Buf fix / When falling back to audio due to camera missing, do not change the interaction type to audio
  • Bug fix / various fixes from sentry


  • Bumped co-browse version


  • Bug fix / Background effect caught error on image failed to load
  • Bug fix / Remove snapshot button from AR if snapshot is disabled
  • Bug fix / Show created By name in interaction
  • Bug fix / Co-browse sent single-use ticket. Changed flow to support mutli-use ticket
  • Bug fix / Added timezone-picker to callback
  • Bug fix / Fixed exit fullscreen


  • Feature / Ask for customer name before joining call
  • Feature / Appointment SMS test during setup
  • Feature / Upload custom translations in settings
  • Feature / Media pipe now handles all local streams
  • Feature / New timezone picker
  • Feature / Appointments ACK message
  • Feature / Co-browse screen-sharing
  • Feature / Default background effects for agents
  • Feature / Client Credentials, add roles
  • Feature / more metrics for co-browse interactions
  • Feature / Angular bumped to v.14, node v.16